sitting on the airport

..with Kristina and Assi!

Our flight to Brasilia is going to leave at 6:50, there we will fly to Manaus.

We are already very nervous and we can't wait to get into the plane..

There is a blog from the organistation where they will post reports and photos during our trip.

I have to go!

cultureshock am 1.5.10 11:45

Oneeeeee weeeeeeeeeeek

until my trip to amazonia!

I'm already very nervous and busy by preparing my things.

I just came home from our trip to the Chapada Diamantina, and I can tell you, it was perfect again!

Tomorow I will put some new photos on my flickr.

Friday I went to the theater with my mum and my sister, there was a play with some famous actors from a TV-program. The tickets were completly sold out and we were just laughing ourself to death the whole time!

Yesterday me and Tomi went visiting Kristina, she was sick, and so we watched a film together and ate a loooooot of chocolate.

At night I went dancing with Tomi, Alex, Rominho and some other friends, and it was really exiting.. When were dancing in front of the stage the singer pushed me and a friend to dance on the stage with them..

Well, I was laughing all the time because I didn't really know the dance, but it was just amazing!

Tomorow I will have school again and... yes, probably nothing special to report!

See you soon!
Teresa am 25.4.10 22:45

hey there!

I hope you all enjoyed eastern to the full, and ate a lot of choclate and eggs! In my case there was nothing special, and I was a little sad, that my mothers packet didn't arrive... however, I had a great time.

We went to a concert with some friends, saw Maria Gadu, and I have to admit that it was really worth it. This woman has a brilliant voice!

Next week there is the Micareta here in Feira de Santana, but I decided to travel with my family. We visit the Chapada Diamantina again, but this time my sisters best friend Marcela is coming with us, and Kristina probably will come, too.

The last time I became a little anxious about my time running out. In 9 days we will travel, just 24 days until I will go to amazonia, and at least 85 until my flight home!

see you soon...
teresa am 7.4.10 02:35

feliz pascoa

Our car broke, so we had to stay in Feira! Today we went shopping, I got some beautiful new clothes, and tomorow we will travel by bus to Cruz das Almas.

I just wanted to wish you a great holiday, hope you enjoy eastern.

Teresa am 2.4.10 03:02

april is coming!

and my time here is going to end soon. I'm sad and happy, can't wait to come home, but I'm still a little loath, that I will have to leave everything behind me.

Different from Germany, we don't have holidays now, but we'll have a long weekend. Thursday I will travel to Cruz das Almas with my family, for celebrating eastern. I'm quite curious how it will be!

Gata is creeping around the house, and she really likes to eat my shoes...

Besides, I put some new photos on my flickr that I took at school.

Hope to hear from you soon!
cultureshock am 29.3.10 19:24

may I introduce you....

.. to our new family member, gata beyonce?
Yes. Strange name. Gata means cat, we chose that name because she has a black mask, like catwoman, and beyonce... has no real reason.

she is really cute, but she's eating all my shoes and socks.

Teresa am 23.3.10 01:59


I just stopped by to say that I'm fine.. and that I have nothing special to report!

These days I spend at school, doing my sports in the afternoon, meeting my friends.

My sister has to study nearly the whole day, and we'll just be able to go out at the weekends, so it's a little boring, but I already got used to it.

Last weekend I went to Salvador with Kristina, and this week I will meet the new exchange students from canada, japan and thailand.

see you soon! beijos!
Teresa am 10.3.10 03:15

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