school. school. school.

I'm sorry I didn't write for so long.. but I really had no chance! (;

Now my classes are back again, carnival is over, and finally everything got 'normal' again. I started studying seriously, I can't stand sleeping at school anymore! It's a little complicated, specially in chemistry and physics, but at least I'm trying. My sister also started to study every day. She's making her last year and has to get good marks.

We travelled to the Chapada Diamantina and it was stunning! We took baths in the waterfalls, walked a lot and enjoyed the beauty of the nature. We met a friend that has a really interesting home.. He lives in a cave! He reformed everything and it's nearly like a normal house, just cooler. I got some photos on my flickr!
I also saw a lot of animals, like butterflys, saurians, spiders, and a hummingbird! Wish we could have stayed a little longer!

My brothers holidays are going to end and everyone is happy that he will leave... he's bothering everyone here!! No, just a joke; I will miss him.

Besides, there's nothing special these days. I joined the handball team, and the dance class at school. wuhuuuu!


Wish you a nice weekend!


Teresa am 20.2.10 08:52


Just stopped by to say that I made a new flickr accont, to upload my new photos. You can see them on Pictures II!
Teresa am 9.2.10 19:34

back to school!

Tomorow my holidays will be over, and I will go back to school! I'm happy to see all my friends again, but I don't want to think about waking up early...

Kristina finally got to know that she will study with me this year! The only problem is, that there was no space in the 3° ano, and we won't  be in the same class as my sister...

 Everyone is getting really excited because carnival is coming! Wednesday we will go to Salvador, see the show of Beyoncé, and maybe we will stay afterwards for carnival!

 I'm still trying to arrange all the photos I took the last month. I had some problems with my flickr account, but I made a new one, and I hope I can make everything up soon.


teresa am 7.2.10 22:26


Loved this band on the festival de verao! Now I bought a DVD, and I just love their show. Worth watching!


Just came by to say that there's nothing special.
I'm back in Feira to buy my flight to Manaus, for my Amazonas trip in may! Tomorow I will travel with my parents to cruz das almas, stay the weekend with my sister and grandparents.

teresa am 5.2.10 15:11

Festival de Verão 2010

The last two days we went to the Festival de Verão in Salvador, most likely the biggest show of the year.
I saw Ivete Sangalo; Claudia Leitte; Marcelo D2, a brazilian rapper that makes an incredible mix of samba and hip hop; akon, and even much more bands.
I think I never danced that much in my life and I never felt so tired like I do now.
I was quite nervous because I lost my passport on the first day, but the luck was on my side and got it back!
Kristina came with us, and she will stay one more week here. We still don't know anything official, but she probably will change the family and the school. If she will change school, she will study with me and my sister!

Now, that January is going to end, I already see the classes coming. Time is passing by so fast, and I can't imagine that I just have a little more than 5 months left.

The difference between the first months and now stays beyond words.
Teresa am 24.1.10 21:19

Lavagem do Bonfim

Yesterday I went with my hostdad, Felipe and André to the "Lavagem do Bonfim". Sounds like a religous feast, but it was more like a gigantic party. Every one was wearing white, dancing on the street, and walking..
Today I'm very tired and I will probably do nothing. And hey, I started to read my first book in portugues. See you later. :]

The lavagem do Bonfim is a big festa in Salvador, falling on the first or second Thursday after the Dia de Reis on January 6th. A group of flower-carrying Baianas, followed by tens of thousands of people, walks from the Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição to the Igreja do Bonfim. On the arrival the Baianas wash the steps of the church in honor of the Senhor do Bonfim ("Lord of the good faith"). It's a big party the whole way, with a lot of music an batucada (drumming), a huge party around and behind the Mercado Modelo (earlier in the day), and a monstrous party around the Igreja do Bonfim (later in the day and into the night).




Teresa am 15.1.10 17:19


I'm sorry I didn't write, but I had no internet. We're staying the holiday on Itaparica, and I'm enjoying the sun, the beach and the sea! My new years eve was very funny, everyone was cooking, dancing and eating the whole time. It was strange, because it was quite hot, but really cool! On midnight we went to the beach, jumped 7 waves, made 7 wishes and watched the fireworks. Now there are a lot of people in our house, 8 girls, 2 boys and the parents. It's funny, but a little complicated, because we just have 2 bathrooms... I will try to upload some photos, but I think it won't work. The connection is horrible! Beijos
Teresa am 6.1.10 13:10

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