What the - ... ?!?!?!

Looks like beeing in Brasil is just totally different as I imagined.The first days in Rio ... weiterlesen
4.8.09 16:01

Two weeks!

I'm here now for two weeks, and I still dont feel like being here! The last days were really great, ... weiterlesen
10.8.09 19:49

And again...

...NOTHING. I dont know what I should write, because we're just doing nothing. School was great toda... weiterlesen
13.8.09 18:51

Lazy boy...

Looks like my boyfriend arrived safely in the united states and did not even write one word. Lazy Ju... weiterlesen
16.8.09 02:20

!First week!

Hello world!I`m here now for 11 days and I really enjoy it!The first 3 days I didn`t sleep a lot, be... weiterlesen
23.8.09 21:03

I'm happy!

Hello  my sweethearts. I'm sorry I did not write the last days, but I was busy. YES, believe it... weiterlesen
27.8.09 02:19