just got to know,

that summer's coming. Not that it didn't feel like summer the last four months, but it's getting wor... weiterlesen
5.12.09 18:43

What a day.

Today was a hard day and now I'm totally exhausted.Kristina came in the morning, so I had to wake up... weiterlesen
11.12.09 03:02

Beat the heat.

It's 38°C, I'm sweating and I'm tired. My new brother finally arrived, and we wanted to make a p... weiterlesen
12.12.09 21:24


I spend two perfect days with my family and Kristina on Itaparica and now everyone is suffering. We ... weiterlesen
17.12.09 17:32


My sunburn got better, but I still look like a mummy (with the color of a tomato)! Until next year I... weiterlesen
19.12.09 18:32

A little late,

...but still on time I got all the Christmas presents. Noone knows yet, but looks like we will trave... weiterlesen
22.12.09 22:49

Feliz Natal!

24.12.09 17:13

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