hey there!

I hope you all enjoyed eastern to the full, and ate a lot of choclate and eggs! In my case there was nothing special, and I was a little sad, that my mothers packet didn't arrive... however, I had a great time.

We went to a concert with some friends, saw Maria Gadu, and I have to admit that it was really worth it. This woman has a brilliant voice!

Next week there is the Micareta here in Feira de Santana, but I decided to travel with my family. We visit the Chapada Diamantina again, but this time my sisters best friend Marcela is coming with us, and Kristina probably will come, too.

The last time I became a little anxious about my time running out. In 9 days we will travel, just 24 days until I will go to amazonia, and at least 85 until my flight home!

see you soon...
7.4.10 02:35

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