Oneeeeee weeeeeeeeeeek

until my trip to amazonia!

I'm already very nervous and busy by preparing my things.

I just came home from our trip to the Chapada Diamantina, and I can tell you, it was perfect again!

Tomorow I will put some new photos on my flickr.

Friday I went to the theater with my mum and my sister, there was a play with some famous actors from a TV-program. The tickets were completly sold out and we were just laughing ourself to death the whole time!

Yesterday me and Tomi went visiting Kristina, she was sick, and so we watched a film together and ate a loooooot of chocolate.

At night I went dancing with Tomi, Alex, Rominho and some other friends, and it was really exiting.. When were dancing in front of the stage the singer pushed me and a friend to dance on the stage with them..

Well, I was laughing all the time because I didn't really know the dance, but it was just amazing!

Tomorow I will have school again and... yes, probably nothing special to report!

See you soon!
25.4.10 22:45

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