time's running

..and I still didn't write anything about my trip. Sorry, but there was really no time! (I'm trying my best...haha)

The last weeks were kind of stressing, Svenja from Juazeiro passed a weekend in my house and there were 3 birthdays...so

This week there'll be one more birthday and a great concert of a band called "camisa de venus", that was famous in the 80's.

Today I began to study biology, so I finally got something to do at school (haha).

Well, when I started to count the days, I realized that the year is nearly over.. It's just one month and one week until I leave!

That's weird, and I don't really know if I should cry or laugh... maybe both.

This week I have to plan my farewell party and I should begin to worry about presents...

However, I will enjoy the last weeks!
25.5.10 20:25

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