happy corpus christi

It's cold, it's raining, I'm sitting here in my pijama and I'm probably going to stay the whole day in my bed, reading and drawing.

Well no, tonight we will watch the new sex and the city film, and later I will watch 'rome'. It feels a litte like winter in Germany, even if we have 22°C. (It's so cold...I'm freezing!)

Beyond that I'm happy to say I'm killing myself with the last 5 Portugese tests, that I will have to send until the 15th June. (whaaaaaaaaarrrrgghh...)

(this is was my hopeless try to draw felipe. It should have been his present, but when I went to the toilet it started raining and it got all wet. That photo is what's left of it.)

I hope you have nice day.
3.6.10 16:57

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